Doughboys Pizza Bases

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    Doughboys Stone Baked Pizza - Premium Sourdough Hand Stretched and Stone Baked Pizza Bases

    Our multi Great Taste Award-Winning pizza base uses locally sourced Italian ingredients including sourdough starter and Italian flour stone ground onsite before undergoing an extended 24 hour fermentation process resulting in a delicious, light pizza with a crisp base!

    These pizza bases are authentically hand-stretched and stone baked in Italy. 

    Small 9" pizza bases and gluten free pizza bases all available!

    4 products
    Signature 12" Italian Pizza Base - (Case of 30)
    NEW Signature 9" Pizza Base - (Case of 28)
    Original 11"/ 28cm Pizza Base - *NEW QTY 24 pcs*
    Schär Gluten Free Pizza Base 10"- (Pack of 2)